Aimed at TRL 1-3, they create and develop solutions for requirements in NDEvR Vision. They are medium-sized projects involving some of the exiting RCNDE university partners and have the support from the whole industrial membership represented via NDEvR.


These projects address medium-to-long term NDE requirements of member companies, as well as fulfilling RCNDE’s strategic objectives.They also are mid-sized projects aimed at the practical application of research (TRL 1-4). They areled by one of the RCNDE university partners and receive support from a subset of industrial members.


These projects are an efficient, fast and streamlined mechanism for transitioning RCNDE technologies into industry and are aimed at TRL 4-6. Their size can range from 6 months (feasibility studies) to 3 years.


RCNDE supports research outside the NDEvR vision via the Aligned projects category. These projects can be led by any UK university, not only those part of RCNDE, and receive in-kind support from RCNDE in the form of access to facilities and specialist advice. They can aim at TRL1-6 and differ from the rest in that the research does not address requirements from the NDEvR vision. Early Career Fellowships and New Investigator awards are also considered Aligned Projects.